Today’s core idea and tip is the very important idea that one generally gets
what they expect, not what they simply want. Take a second to think about 
a goal that you have, and then ask yourself if you truly expect to reach it. 
It has been my experience that many people see a huge difference between what
they want- their desire – and what they expect to happen. Do you want to lose
30 pounds but you’ve only lost 5 pounds over and over again? If you want to dig
deeper into this idea then take the time to visually and mentally write/ think it out. In my experience, the more thorough the planning, the more successful the outcome.
You must focus on what you can control versus
what you cannot control.

When you try to change everything, you get overwhelmed

because your mind actually is an amazing problem solver.
Your capable mind, the thing that solves problems and takes
care of things every single day tries to solve all the problems,
including the ones that it has NO CONTROL over.
 I want you to pick one thing you can control and focus on only what you CAN control.  

This helps you break down the all or nothing thinking and helps you realize, ok, I can control this one thing.  You will get some confidence about changing a situation and your brain says, “Ok, I did something about that.  I can do something about this!”

As you build one win on top of another, by focusing on the things you can control, your thinking becomes reprogrammed and instead of thinking in black or white, it begins to think in the shades of gray.

You begin to understand by focusing on the things you can control, you
can win one step at a time.


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