O Just AnoThER DaY

Can you guys believe it is mid Feb? Geez time goes fast! I just remember it being summer. But yet here we are mid year trying to maintain our new years resolutions- staying healthy and having an active lifestyle. Summer is already here around the corner. It’s time to maintain and get ready and BIKINI READY!!!  I definitely love to work out. Some days I struggle to get out and get active-but that’s normal. If you know me personally- I am a energized bunny, but some days I do lack motivation. I mean I AM HUMAN AND THAT IS NORMAL. 😉 But for the most part I make it a priority. It’s like brushing your teeth- it doesn’t feel right if you don’t do it. My goal is for anyone to come to my page with aN open mind– to help push you for the motivation people sometimes lack. I also looooove food and healthy eating. My goal is to take any recipe and turn it into an alternative that still knocks your socks off. I am always open to ideas if anyone wants to throw some ideas for me to “make over” a recipe. I have an amazing 27 year old sister who is my perfect taste tester. isn’t she pretty 🙂

She loves food ( almost to much!!!) haha. She will give me the thumbs up or the thumbs down ( which of course is 97% uuuuup). I like to try weird and different things as well. So have an open mind with some of the recipes I post. You just never know how some things could mix well together. It’s good to step out of your box, your comfort zone. I mean that in all aspects of life as well.  So with all this being said- I am going to continue with my HEALTH TIPS, LIFESTYLE TIPS, AND HEALTHY RECIPES. I genuinely have a passion for this stuff and love to inspire people! Please comment or let me know if you have any questions!!!!!

 Sister Luv ❤


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