I am a  California girl- enjoying every moment I am here. I am really into health and fitness and want to be someone you can come to for great education on how to keep a healthy body. I really found this is my niche, my passion. It takes a long time for people to figure it that out in  life. You  have to dig deep to find what wakes you up everyday with excitement and interest?! It’s amazing to not only better myself-but to help others who struggle with this.Currently I am personal training and work with a lot of different individuals. I am inspired when I see changes and am here for anyone ready to take the leap to a lifestyle change! I can personally coach you online to a change here:

I am very outgoing and have high energy! I love to cook up healthy “comfort foods” and blog about it on a daily basis.  I like to turn the “bad stuff” into healthy nutritious treats.~

I want to be here for you to give you tips, guidance and healthy recipes to transform any bad habits you have into a healthy lifestyle. The goal shouldn’t only be to get a perfect body – but ALSO to CONTINUE the healthy lifestyle long after 🙂

Have a good day and SMILE 🙂 

Call me on SKYPE FOR fitness and nutrition tips! xoxox


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